The Cedacri Group range of back office services also covers Loans and Mortgage Loans, ensuring quality control on the entire process.

This modular and flexible service can be structured on the different processing phases carrying out the various activities:

  • Checking of dossier documents
  • Verification of datasets and access to databases
  • Dematerialization of documents
  • Any requests for additional documents or specifications
  • Reservation, opening and processing of electronic Credit Line Applications (filling-in of all required forms)
  • Analysis and quantitative and qualitative measurement of the position (lending policy)
  • Preparation of the final report
  • Forwarding of the full dossier to the decision-making body
  • Management of disbursement processes through credit transfer orders and/or issue of bankers' drafts and/or cashier's cheques
  • Vertical and specific processes relating to mortgage loans, such as:
       - Request for and verification of the technical expert assessment of the property
       - Preparation of the preliminary notary report
       - Full management of all relations with the relevant Notary
       - Management of reporting to the decision-making body on any non-performing situations, such as foreclosures or judicial mortgages
  • Digital and physical storage of dossiers


  • Reduction and variabilization of costs
  • Streamlined and more efficient back-office processes
  • End-to-end process