In a situation of increasingly multichannel features of Bank-Customers relations,  ATMs  evolve to become a privileged channel for service provision to and communication with Customers.

The ATM management software solution provided by Cedacri allows multivendor ATM fleets to be administered and their evolution to be steered through a single platform. Thanks to Cedacri solution, each function alteration to ATMs can be designed and implemented at software level irrespective of the specific application system of each vendor, with integrated and synergic management of the activities for the ATM fleet evolution. Thus, the Customer Banks can reduce expenses and the complexity of these projects, as well enrich the service component of their ATMs in a shorter time, for instance enabling new payment forms, from ordering bank transfers, RAV and MAV (payment slips with notice), payment of postal slips, the Italian TV fee up to road taxes.

In order to provide Customer Banks with full-scale support in the management of ATM fleets, through C-Global, the Cedacri Group services include all activities for the installation, management and servicing of the relevant equipment, both in hardware and software terms.


  • Time-to-Market
  • Safety/Security
  • Reduction of operating expenses for Bank branches
  • Increase in the number of payment functions available
  • Evolution of the Self Service & Web ATM applications
  • Shared monitoring and management of the machines (electronic journal on multimedia card, sw distribution, promotion campaigns, etc. …)