Bank Insurance

Cedacri's solution, called Assioma, for all banks which must sell insurance and financial products in their branch offices, without having to equip themselves with a high cost, complex technological solution. Assioma is web-based and is easy to integrate into the bank's intranet; it is thus easy to use and effective, since it is a multi-company, multi-product solution.

The application provides management of damage and welfare insurance, with and without financial components, as well as third products like GPM and GPF. It can be integrated both with the bank's administrative tools (general database, accounting, puma, foreign, current accounts, etc.) and with insurance company information systems (product factories).

Principal functions:

  • Quoting: using the product and tariff codes given in the product catalogue, Assioma can produce quotes for policies;
  • Contracts: closes contracts, prints out the proposal for signature by the client along with all accessory documentation
  • Contract variation: handles all phases subsequent to stipulation of the policy, including cancellations, cash in, switch, additional payments, withdrawals, revocations, client data variations, beneficiary variations, branch office change, encashment, savings plans/ revocation of savings plans, accidents, variation of staged premiums, redeployment, suspension/reactivation, liens and constraints, coupon issue, acquittance.


  • Possibility to sell any insurance product, life, non-life and pension; used also to sell third-party products, such as investment management products for securities and funds
  • Single front-end for its multi-product and multi-company sale network
  • Web-based solution that can easily be integrated in the Bank's Intranet and be used as external client on the Internet
  • Independent of the hosting information system