Cedacri is well aware that nowadays the challenge of strengthening its leadership must necessarily take into account the development of economic, social and environmental sustainability policies.
Over the years, it has launched several projects in the field of corporate sustainability that confirm the company's commitment to enhancing the work of its people, promoting their health and well-being, supporting the territory through solidarity and humanitarian initiatives, and initiating measures to improve its profile from an environmental point of view.
In 2017, it issued its first Sustainability Report with the aim of reporting on the value generated by the company towards the main stakeholders and the impact of its activities, mapping the CSR initiatives and identifying possible improvements. Within the Report, short and medium-long term objectives were defined; they are Cedacri’s guiding compass towards implementing new initiatives aimed at developing sustainable and responsible competitiveness, in the belief that a successful company must take care of the territory and the communities that host it, with the same passion with which it takes care of its clients and its business.

Sustainability Report

Main initiatives carried out in 2017