Cedacrinord is formed by five banks. The aim of the Members is to entrust the company with the design, development and management of a new information system for shared use, with a view to improving the quality of IT services and achieving substantial economies of scale

Cedacrinord opens its doors to the market: for the first time, a service contract is entered into with a non-Member bank
Ge.Po. is formed for the purpose of reducing the costs deriving from the management of the primary back office activities, with particular reference to those handled by the Bills Department. The company becomes a major player in back-office services for credit institutions.

Cedacri Ovest is formed at the initiative of five banks. The aim of the Members is to pool the management and development of information technology with a view to using their collective critical mass to achieve greater economies of scale and devote more resources to innovation.

Anni 90
Cedacrinord hones its commercial strategy of supplying its information system to other service centres: Cedacri Ovest, Istiservice and OSC.

1994 - 1998
Cedacri Ovest extends its area of interest to complementary activities to IT: it forms C.S.A.B. - which specialises in the handling of cheques, bills, document storage and support in ATM and POS management. In 1995 Cedacrinord sets up Ribes, which specialises in the collection and on-line distribution of information from land registry data and Chamber of Commerce perusals aimed chiefly at credit institutes and tax collection agents. In 1998, the partnership between Ge.Po. and Postel spawns Docugest, a company specialising in customer communications, printing and mailing.

2000 - 2003
Cedacrinord founds Cedacri.net in order to offer banks dependable Call Centre services and support in the development of web projects.
Ge.Po. forms Back Office Services, which specialises in the management of the back offices for payment systems and back offices for public body treasuries.

Cedacri progressively hones its offering of vertical solutions:

  • Full Finance, the application for the finance area, produced with UBI Sistemi e Servizi
  • SDBMatrix, the application for regulatory reporting
  • The operational branch application, in partnership with Credito Emiliano Group
  • Smart Accounting, the solutions for general accounting, and Smart Invoice, for supplier accounting

On completion of the company re-organisation embarked upon in 2003, a company specialising in business service outsourcing is formed on 1 July 2007, under the name C-Global - Cedacri Global Services, further to the merger of Cedacri Group subsidiaries Ge.Po., BOS, Cedacri.net and CSAB.

Cedacri International is set up at the end of 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cedacri. The new company is based in Chinsinau in Moldova, and is assigned the task of supporting the Italian parent company in the development of software components for the information system, through the performance of certain programming.

2008 – 2010

Cedacri decided to make profound changes to its operational and cultural model, with a view to streamlining costs, further improving service levels and continuing to invest in the development of its Information System and the extension of its offering.

Cedacri’s Group completed the first important step in repositioning and recorded a significant expansion of its clients


The new Collecchio offices of the Cedacri Group were inaugurated in October 2011: an investment of 13 million euro which testifies to the Group's financial solidity and continued commitment to growth.
As part of its strategy to consolidate its position in the medium/large banking sector and acquire important competencies in the development of custom software, Cedacri acquired SiGrade in late 2011, a company specialised in banking and finance software solutions.


Cedacri continued to grow by offering services for banking information systems, but also of the increased importance of facility management services , aimed at the world of business and industrial services.

Thanks to continuous investment, Cedacri develops a series of projects for the evolution of the application platform: from Front End Unico platform to the new applications for credit process management, from biometric signature system solution to mobile payment.

Front End Unico, the new Cedacri branch off platform, integrated with the solution of biometric signature, triumphs at ABI Lab Forum 2012 as the most innovative technological solution.

In September 2012 , Reale Mutua Assicurazioni , the largest Italian insurance company, chooses Cedacri as a partner for its IT infrastructure and buy a share of 2.01% of the share capital of the company.


2013 is a year of significant investments in research and development for Cedacri: the company has invested 37 Mln Euro in the innovation of technologies, systems and applications, in particular in the context of credit, direct channels and e-money.
CKit (Cedacri Keep-In-Touch) won first place at the ABI Lab Forum in competition to reward the most advanced technology.
Cedacri sells to Tecnoinvestimenti 36% of Ribes S.p.A. share capital. Ribes comes out to the consolidation perimeter of Cedacri Group.


Even in 2014-2016 Cedacri confirmed the significant commitment to investment in research and development. in fact, the company has invested about 110 Mln Euro in innovation of systems, applications and technologies. The main areas of investment to support banks in the evolution of their business models towards digital transformation were: omnichannel, process digitization, payment systems and Big Data.
In the year of its fortieth birthday, Cedacri has also consolidated its leadership position, successfully pursuing a growth path that has led to the acquisition of new important customers.


Cedacri sells 27% of its share capital to a capital company controlled by the investment fund FSI Mid-Market Growth Equity Fund managed by FSI Sgr, while the remaining 73% is maintained by 14 of the major customer banks. The entry of FSI as a shareholder strengthens Cedacri's leadership in services for the financial sector and opens up new prospects for development. The transaction confirms the value of Cedacri's service model and the distinctive skills of its team that have ensured the company's success on the market.