Top Management


Renato Dalla Riva

Born in July 1948 in the province of Vicenza, with a degree in Mathematics, Renato Dalla Riva has 30 years of banking experience in the Internal Audit. In 1991 he became Head of Audit of Banco Ambrosiano Veneto, role that he played since 1998 in Banca Intesa, created from the merger of Banco Ambrosiano Veneto and Cariplo. In 2000 and for about two years became Co- General Manager of Intesa Sistemi e Servizi. In 2002 it was called in the Internal Auditors and appointed responsible for Gruppo IntesaBci. In 2002 it was called in the function of internal audit and the appointed manager. From January 2007 to date is Audit Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo, where there are 700 auditors. From 2010 to 2014 was President of AIIA, Italian Section of the Internal Auditing Institute. In 2015 he was appointed Chairman of Cedacri


Salvatore Stefanelli

Born in Lecce on 16 December 1962.
He graduated in Business Administration from the Bocconi University of Milano.
He worked for eight years at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) creating projects for process reengineering and implementation of new information systems in the areas of para-banking and insurance.
In 1996 he joined Fondiaria Insurance as Head of Applications Development and Management Planning Process.

Then he joined the Allianz Group, where he has been working as application development Director of the insurance companies and the RAS Financial Group for eight years.
From 2005 to 2007, he was Head of Retail Insurance Activities of RAS, while the last two years he became head of the roll-out of the project Operational Transformation Program (OTP) of the Allianz Group in Monaco.
During 2009 he joined in Cedacri as Head of Operations Architecture and Applications.
In 2012 he was appointed CEO.