Digital Bank: Cedacri model

Today, irrespective of their size, Banks are aware that their methods to operate on the market must be rethought and their competitiveness must be enhanced. On the one hand, each Bank is assessing how to review its business processes in order to make them more efficient and to reduce expenses. Concomitantly, Banks have set the objective of increasing revenues and are looking for innovative methods for business with Customers, which can foster new sale opportunities.

In order to reconcile these two objectives – optimization of resources on the one hand and improvement of commercial effectiveness on the other – Cedacri suggests Banks to use its Digital Bank model, which leads to dematerialization of processes, as well as to rethinking the channel mix through which they can interact with Customers and develop their supply of products and provision of services.
In Cedacri's vision, the new digital bank will feature dematerialized processes that will increase internal efficiency to levels unattainable in a traditional model: indeed, progressive elimination of paper will lead to a decrease in operating risk thanks to a reduction in manual errors, to higher execution speed and to a reduction in expenses.
As to multichannel capacity, Cedacri will provide its Customer Banks with an integrated service and sale platform that synergically steers all available channels, starting from branches. The Bank of the future must be able to enhance direct channels (from the Web to contact centers, all the way to ATMs), increasingly transforming them into sale channels, as well as service provision channels, and, concomitantly, it must be able to preserve the role of branches, which are the key place where a personal relationship with each Customer can be built and cultivated. This is the reason why a true integration of all channels must be achieved, in order for each Customer to experience a rich and consistent relationship with the Bank, irrespective of the contact point chosen.