Data 03/11/2014
Cassa di Risparmio di Asti has digitalized the contractual documentation with C-Global

Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, which was already in full outsourcing with Cedacri, worked with C-Global on a project for contractual document digitalization that allowed it to reduce management costs, optimize the document control phase and limit the risk of deterioration and loss. 

Data 07/10/2014
Cassa di Risparmio di Cento has digitized 80% of operations with Cedacri

The Cassa di Risparmio di Cento, in collaboration with Cedacri, carried out an innovative project to digitalize its internal processes and dematerialize contracts. Following the 2012 earthquake that temporarily prevented access to bank documents, the bank in Romagna started a dematerialization project that quickly led to 80% of operations being digitalized and started an Advanced Electronic Signature project.
C. R. Cento is one of few Italian banks that started with document dematerialization and then moved on to electronic signature and digitalization of contracts at the counter.

Data 13/06/2014
Cedacri Young Lab: second edition of the competition

It will be selected the best project ideas for new graduates and doctoral students under 28, and it will be financed its realization. We offer 6 awards of € 5.000. The invitation will be open until 12 October.

Data 13/05/2014
Video Interview about Remote Selling Project

New scenarios for remote selling financial products offered by Cedacri and InfoCert. Interview with Stefano Carmina, Product Manager, Core Banking and Channels Cedacri Product Manager, and Fabrizio Leoni, Solutions Marketing Manager InfoCert.

Data 06/05/2014
CRM: the new Strategic platform of Cedacri

The CRM platform is able to supporting all pre-sales and sales phases through advanced marketing logic use.
The platform is based on predictive models that allow to perform segmentation on the customers behaviors, identify customers life cycle, select products with the highest probability with future purchase, churn rate evaluate probability, and finally outline the potential portfolio.

Data 22/04/2014
A new Cedacri solution: SNAP

The Cedacri innovative product SNAP is a decision engine that can determine in real time which business proposal or coupon allocate to each customer, according to its "Profile Enriched", constantly updated.

Data 16/04/2014
Video interview with Michele Dotti, Head of Functional Architecture and Channels Cedacri

ABI Lab Forum 2014: Cedacri presented SNAP, the new solution which reflects our ability to innovate, taking shape as a platform that integrates CRM application with the strategic logic of social networking, couponing and loyalty.

Data 08/04/2014
Video interview with Roberto Manini, Head of Customer Management and Business Development

Cedacri at ABI Lab Forum 2014: CRM tailored for multi-channel customer.
The integrated multi-channels model is able to generating a sophisticated customer experience where digital channels became opportunities to develop new sales targets.

Data 10/04/2014
Video interview with Salvatore Stefanelli, CEO of Cedacri

Cedacri offers its customers a systems and application platforms constantly renewed for an effective alignment with the technology, regulatory and market evolution.

Data 07/04/2014
Cedacri Executive Meeting

In Cernobbio Cedacri met its clients and prospects to present financial results in 2013 and investment and innovation strategies from 2014 to 2017.
The meeting was also an opportunity for discussion on the evolution of bank business models thanks to the partecipation of Massimo Doris, Banca Mediolanum Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Pietro Sella, Goup Banca Sella CEO, and Lorenzo Bassani, Barclays ERBB Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer.

Data 03/01/2014
Digital Bank: Cedacri model

Cedacri suggests Banks to use its Digital Bank model, which leads to dematerialization of processes, as well as to rethinking the channel mix through which to interact with Customers and develop their supply of products and provision of services.