With Bancototem from Cedacri the bank has an innovative tool for informing customers and offering them the opportunity to purchase simple products in self-service mode.

The Cedacri solution allows the bank to advertise its products to customers in a simple yet entrancing fashion. The Totem can be installed in public places and programmed for the display of advertising images for products. The customer has the opportunity to study the products of interest to him/her, interacting via touch screen.

Bancototem lets the bank comply with the regulations for transparency of banking and financial services, allowing customers to view, print or receive via e-mail information on banking products.

Bancototem is also equipped with a video conferencing system through which the customer has the ability to communicate with an operative of the bank to ask for more information on a product and to get help during an operation.

Among the possibilities offered by Bancototem from Cedacri, there is the opportunity to manage the sales of simple banking products (current account, deposit account, etc.). The bank operative, in addition to providing all the information requested, can propose the purchase of a product to the customer and, if accepted, can manage the entire sales process, from identification of the customer to the electronic signature of the contract. Finally, the customer can obtain the immediate printout of the documents signed.

The main elements of the solution are:

• Totem with 23-inch horizontal or 40-inch vertical multi-touch display, printer, webcam, microphone, speaker and Wacom STU-530 tablet for signature acquisition.
• Cedacri Totem multimedia software.


• Having a new quick and easy tool for the sale of banking products in self-service mode
• Providing customer support to facilitate the process of selling products
• Advertising products to customers
• Complying with the regulations for transparency of banking and financial services