Facility Management

Facility Management

Thanks to the availability of one of the major Italian data centers, Cedacri can guarantee superior service and economies of scale to than more 100 clients, including banks, financial institutions, industrial companies and utility companies.
Technological outsourcing enables the Client to delegate to Cedacri the complete management of all the components of its technological infrastructure (mainframe, midrange, distributed components) and related services (help desk, security, disaster recovery and business continuity).

Recourse to “Facility Management” enables clients to obtain savings up to 30%.
Our Facility Management services satisfy stringent service level agreements (SLA) which
enable our clients to monitor our service quality. As an independent operator, since we are neither manufacturers nor distributors of hardware or software, Cedacri assures selection of the best commercially available solutions to offer our clients best of breed solutions to meet their requirements.
Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity infrastructure, based on a three-site Business Continuity architecture delivered on Campus and a Disaster Recovery site 180 km away, is among the best in the Italian market for continuity and reliability.

Cedacri’s main services industries are:

  • Management of all primary technological infrastructure components:
       - Mainframes
       - Server farms
       - Individual workstations
       - Network infrastructure
       - Printing systems
       - Internet connectivity (Cedacri is registered as an Autonomous System AS 13180)
  • Management of associated services:
       - System services (operations, DBA, monitoring)
       - Help desk
       - Digital security
       - Virtual workstations
       - Recovery and Business Continuity


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