Workplace recovery

Workplace recovery

With Workplace Recovery, Cedacri can provide the market with meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 300 people each, equipped with pre-configured workstations starting from the operating system up to the most common applications for personal productivity, printers and phones. These rooms are therefore ready to allow both the top management and key staff, as well as operating staff to promptly resume operation in case of physical non-availability of the sites subsequent to disasters.

Moreover, the Banks using Cedacri services for the outsourcing management of their information systems can use even more complete workstations, since these workstations are equipped with all applications which each of them normally uses for operations.

Cedacri provides Workplace Recovery services using its sites of Collecchio and Castellazzo Bormida, as well as the sites of Parma, Milano and Bari, in order to optimize geographical distribution.

The provision of Workplace Recovery services is facilitated in technological terms by using desktop virtualization solutions that Cedacri is already making available to the market. These solutions allow traditional workstations to be converted in as many virtual workstations, which are remotely managed by Cedacri staff.


  • Site activation (network connection, sw alignment) within 24 hours at the most
  • Reception, meeting room, telephony, printer, fax, Internet connectivity services
  • Guaranteed data confidentiality and protection
  • Half-year testing and DR process simulation
  • Infrastructures, equipment and processes that can manage physical and virtualized workstations
  • Workstation sharing in order to obtain cost reductions ensuring priority in case of concomitant disastrous events