Customer Data Management

Cedacri offers a multichannel solution developed with the aim of supporting banks in improving the efficacy of commercial actions toward individual customers through digital channels. The product is configured as a tool, which by integrating CRM applications, numerous and evolved alarms, analytics and global “DataLake” data repositories, allows the initial interception of customer needs through an analysis of their actions on direct channels (home banking or mobile banking), through the use or non-use of bank products. Based on this enriched profile, the tool is able to determine in real time which commercial offer or personalised incentive to propose to the customer.

The tool enhances both private and business customer loyalty through specific “One to One” initiatives channelled to mobile devices, and helps the bank retain customers with a high risk of abandonment through commercial campaigns on the home banking channel. It also supports the banking institute in developing proactive campaigns for customers more inclined toward a specific product/service. The commercial proposal to the customer is completed by the CRM product, which also allows the best possible management of timing. Moreover, thanks to the new project called “Eventi Marketing Automation”, the bank can improve its own commercial efficacy by enriching the information it holds in relation to its customers (new dynamic and flexible behavioural alarms, which are variable over time) and through the development of automated customer paths on its channels (called “scenarios”), encouraging customer meetings at suitable times, with a view toward providing consistent messages to customers in the various channels (IHB, Mobile, Teller) and enhancing the quality of the bank’s data.