P2P payment services

Cedacri has expanded its offering of payment systems with services P2P (Person to Person) in order to facilitate customers in transactions of money transfer and contribute to digitization of payment transactions. Cedacri supports banks in all front-end activities to its users: authentication, personalization, device management (mobile / APP), etc. leaving to operators of new payment schemes on concessions, financial operator side and business side, the processing and settlement of transactions in real time, contextually ensuring compliance with the criteria of safety, accessibility and interoperability of circuits. With the P2P payment service based on IBAN (account or card), customers of member banks can send / receive real-time payments through smartphone (APP and / or mobile banking of the bank) with ease, safety and greater economy.

P2P service was also implemented using a Blockchain-based architecture allowing Banks on the one hand to use the new technology to guarantee security and efficiency in payments and on the other to expand the payment methods made available.


Omnichannel solution, low cost, safe, reliable, easy to integrate and highly customizable, so that customers of banks to transfer money through the mobile devices