We Cash ATM Network

The Cedacri Group has extended its range of E-money services through the “WeCash” ATM Network, which can increase competitiveness of user Banks thanks to the availability of a widespread network of recognizable ATMs throughout Italy, as well as to the possibility of differentiating, up to total elimination, withdrawal commissions charged to card holders.

In order to facilitate cash withdrawal by their Customers, Banks are forced to eliminate withdrawal charges throughout Italy, with significant expenses. The WeCash ATM Network is the right response to the above problems, especially for Banks that do not have ATM network coverage at a national level. The Banks joining the network can provide their Customers with additional services, such as the possibility for all card holders to make inquiries on their account movements and balance.

  • Availability of an ATM network coverage at a national level (approx. 1,400 ATMs)
  • ATMs that are recognizable thanks to a unambiguous Front End
  • Possibility to eliminate/reduce withdrawal commissions for withdrawals at ATMs of banks other that the issuing one
  • Inquiry, movements and balance functions within the network