Integrated Treasury

The main reason a company employs a treasury management service is to be able to manage its cash flow. This enables the company to deal with both potentially dangerous and particularly profitable situations, including: lack of liquidity and the need for credit, with its associated unfavourable interest rates, or investment of excess cash in the market for greater profitability. Objfin is Cedacri's tool for financial institutions and banks for monitoring financial flows and treasury positions, both in terms of liquidity and financial instruments.

ObjFin enables position keeping and real time risk monitoring on proprietary portfolios with portfolio and VaR limits. It is thus possible to monitor the operativity of portfolios even with locked credit limits.

It also calculates the pricing and sensitivity of numerous types of financial instrument.

ObjFin is the ideal tool for: treasury, risk management, markets and trading rooms, and back and middle office activities.


  • Function for deal capture from the main market platforms
  • Position keeping of the Bank assets updated in real-time
  • Scenario simulations
  • Management of portfolio limits in real-time with alerting systems for audit and compliance