Channels and Core Banking

The multichannel model provided by Cedacri allows Customer Experience improvement for the Bank's Customers achieving true integration between all channels so as to provide a single brand identity, irrespective of the access channel chosen by the user perfectly integrating in the latter all sale activities through processes that have been dematerialized at source

A multichannel feature that has been so designed allows the implementation of offering and pricing strategies that can foster the use of direct channels – which are typically more advantageous for the Bank – for interaction and transactions with lower value added, and, concomitantly, the improvement of Bank-Customer communication, as well as the enhancement of commercial effectiveness, increasing cross selling capacity on existing Customers and giving the opportunity to acquire new Customers.
If the Web, Mobiles or ATMs are going to become the preferential platform for this type of operations, the role of branch staff must increasingly evolve towards the role as Customers' “first advisor”: welcoming Customers at the branch, detecting their requirements and referring them, where necessary, to more specialist advisors. The latter can be available for Customers via web conference or chat from dedicated workstations located at the branches; indeed, in a perspective of geographical optimization of staff, advisors specializing in very specific areas cannot be present in person at each branch, but they can operate from centralized Contact Centers and be easily reached by Customers through the new technologies.