Non-performing loan management

The volume increase in impaired loans due to the worsening of the economic situation requires the operating capacity of organization units to be increased also. Therefore, Cedacri has opted to integrate its own platform with the Syges3 and Laweb platforms that have been acquired from Sydema, a leading company in the development of systems for the management of impaired loans; this has been done in order to generate an increase in the efficiency of the customer Banks operating capacities by automating management processes.

Key features of the solution

The Syges3 platform is dedicated to the accounting management of default positions, it manages all different categories of the impaired loan portfolio (Past Due, Substandard loans, Restructured Loans and Bad Loans), focusing on data quality, to identify the most appropriate management strategies, both at the level of single Bank portfolio and at a Banking Group level.

The Laweb platform allows the entire Dispute Management process to be handled and the position to be monitored from the time it is assigned to the legal counsel or to the independent company up to its closure. It manages both in-court and out-of-court recovery.


  • Automation of the processes for the management of non-performing loans
  • Integration with the Credit Quality Management platform in order for the classification processes to be automated
  • Integration with Reporting and Financial Reporting in order to enhance administration efficiency
  • Automation of information exchanges with legal counsels and independent companies in charge of recovery
  • Control of expenses for outsourced recovery
  • Integration with the document platform in order to dematerialize recovery paper documents