Electronic Storage

Electronic storage is a set of administrative and IT processes which allows documents to be stored on digital media, ensuring their legal validity and enforceability towards third parties.

This service can be provided for documents that were originally created in digital format or for paper documents that have been previously dematerialized; for the latter, upon completion of the storage process, the paper medium can be sent for pulping.

Thanks to its technological excellence and to its team dedicated to the study and update of the rules issued by the relevant bodies, the Cedacri Group can ensure the entire Electronic Storage process, in compliance with the regulations in force.

Moreover, by delegating the role as Electronic Storage Manager, the Customer is relieved of the duty to manage all relating activities:

  • Process planning, organization and control
  • Preparation of certificates that qualify for digital signature
  • Preparation of the documentation
  • Showing stored data
  • Training on and regulatory updates


  • Guarantee of regulatory compliance
  • Relieving the Customer of organizational and control activities
  • Maintenance over time of documents integrity and accessibility