Branch Platform

The Cedacri FEU platform offers all the benefits of advanced integration between traditional teller operations and back office and CRM applications, with a view toward interoperability and customer orientation, thus giving users access to a CRM tool able to fully satisfy both commercial and operational needs.

The solution is comprised of two essential environments: a control panel and a customer card. The bank uses the “Control Panel” to improve its operational efficiency, insofar as operator activities can be grouped at individual portfolio, branch, area or bank level, thanks to the insertion of an agenda and the introduction of operator KPIs, which suggest actions for customers presenting critical issues or opportunities.

The “Customer Card” allows the bank to increase its margins as it gives the operator an overall view of the customer’s standing in terms of income, volume, products, maturities, risk, profiling and behavioural indicators, highlighting any alarms and opportunities on which to act.

The platform is in continuous evolution and in 2019, a new “Dashboard” was released in the Control Panel, allowing the continuous monitoring of all operational and information activities affecting individual ledgers. In this way, the bank will be able to organise and monitor the activities of its own sales network, reducing operational risks, simplifying and increasing the security and speed of processes.


  • Application developed over the past two years in partnership with Credem Group (over 600 tellers)
  • Intuitive graphic interface with complete transactional and commercial functions
  • Operational process maximises commercial effectiveness (integration with marketing/CRM system) and operational efficiency (paperless workflow and documentation management solution)