Integrated Risk Management

Increased complexity and interdependences of financial markets require increasing focus on market analysis and on enhancement of risk measurement and control.

The direction set by the new supervisory provisions is also markedly oriented towards the implementation and consolidation of integrated risk management, making it a culture to be disseminated and rooted within the Bank (Enterprise Risk Management).

The preparation of strategic plans for the definition and management of risk appetite requires the ability to measure the risk quantitative elements associated to the Entity's own financial activity (credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk), as well as the measurement of all risk qualitative elements associated to operating processes (operational risk, reputational risk, compliance risk, etc. ...).

Over time, Cedacri has developed specific services for the measurement and management of financial risks, in order to provide its Customers with governance platforms and operating processes that are in line with the market best practices. The experience accrued in the measurement of single risk elements and its deep knowledge of the information produced by operating systems have allowed Cedacri to create an effective platform for the aggregation and integrated measurement of risks, which is based on a specific datawarehouse infrastructure equipped with a dashboard for dedicated analyses and evolved business intelligence tools.

Key features of the solution

  • Data model dedicated to integrated risk analysis
  • Automated acquisition of information from ICT platforms
  • Availability of dashboards for guided risk analysis
  • Availability of evolved business intelligence tools for a deep analysis of risks
  • Integration with the operating front end to publish the reports intended for operating and governance structures


  • Application of risk analysis methods that are based on the aggregation of several data sources, in order to ensure effective measurement of financial risks
  • Availability of point measurement of the financial risk profile taken
  • Verification of the consistency of the risk profile with strategic planning objectives and assessment of any corrective actions.