Design, administration and management of a sophisticated and efficient service platform for full management of POS operations to be provided to relevant shops.

Our services:

  • Hire and servicing of peripheral equipment
  • Help desk and full assistance on ordinary and extraordinary operation (h24 with dedicated staff)
  • Maintenance of terminals
  • Full transaction processing
  • Application solution for operation consultation and monitoring
  • Interface with the information system applications (invoicing, accounting, current accounts)

All reports made to the Help Desk are traced through a trouble ticketing system that allows analytical reports on the service performance.

The Cedacri Group manages directly concentration systems ensuring state-of-the-art technologies, redundant equipment and back-ups on primary flows with various market-leader carriers. Terminals are scheduled to connect, through toll-free numbers (800-199-899) or through the Itapac public network (ISDN channel D).

Our technical solutions:

  • POS Stand Alone connected through PSTN commutated line or TCP/IP via Ethernet connection
  • POS Radio Link (cordless) connected through PSTN commutated line or TCP/IP via Ethernet connection
  • POS GPRS with possible provision of C-Global-owned SIMs with FLAT fees
  • POS GSM with Customer-owned SIMs
  • Connection and Processing for cash desks, petrol-dispensing and self service machines

All terminals can be equipped with CB1, CB2 protocols and Contact Less technology.

As at today's date, we are managing a network of approx. 25,000 POS.


The Cedacri Group can provide a full solution for the technical and operating management of the Bank's ATM fleet.

The services provided:

  • Coordination of maintenance actions on the system;
  • Tools for dynamic configuration of new systems;
  • Hire of systems (fleet management);
  • HW-SW maintenance;
  • Functional evolution;
  • Proactive monitoring on leading suppliers' machines (Diebold, NCR, Sigma, Wincor) provided h24 with dedicated staff
  • Branch Help-desk and focal point for maintenance staff network (h24 with dedicated staff)

Currently, we are managing approx. 2,500 ATMs (of which 450 owned).


  • Reduction in the time for action and machine downtime
  • Synergies and efficiencies in process management
  • Tracking of failures and detection of critical situations, production of monthly reporting