Physical Storage and Transport

For physical storage of paper documents, we have facilities complying with ideal architectural standards for long-term materiality storage, as well as top security conditions.

Our physical storage services include:

  • Taking charge
  • Storage in standard storage and cataloguing units using suitably customized electronic procedures
  • Search for and sending of documents via e-mail, fax or posting the original
  • Certified or non-certified pulping facilities

Information technology tools supporting storage processes allow quick and timely management of document requests made by the Customer and of searches.

The method adopted to manage the service provides for a single and organic document recording and classification system, which complies with the protocol, classification and keeping plan, storage regulation and procedures.

To support storage processes and in cooperation with selected highly-specialized partners, Cedacri can also provide porterage and logistic services.

Previous Databases
We can take charge of already existing large document sets.
This activity is structured based on the following operating processes:

  • Labelling of single items in order to allow provisional reconstruction of archive series
  • Packing in containers suitable to transport the material to the final destination site
  • Shelving of materials
  • Card-indexing of materials
  • Archiving

Our Transport Service consists in organizing, carrying out and controlling physical transfers of documents from and to Branches and internal/headquarters offices of the Customers with our operating centres.
Generally, transports are made daily, from Monday to Friday, and include all document treatment and sorting activities, which are mainly aimed at optimizing trips and to contain transport costs, by implementing appropriate synergies.


  • Recovery and exploitation of idle facilities
  • Regulatory compliance and upgrading relief
  • Reduction of operating expenses