Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

In this context, Cedacri Group acts as a main provider of all regulatory processes with institutional bodies, providingproducts and services in SAAS (Software as a Service) outsourcing mode.

The area is characterised by proprietary solutions and deep-rooted operational and administrative experience in relation to governance, balancing, risk management solutions and all regulations concerning national and European banking supervision.

Our senior experts have acquired consolidated experience, starting from the early stages of the PUMA2 project at the Bank of Italy, but the area has been continuously strengthened through the insertion over time of young collaborators with excellent hands-on experience.


Operational coverage

  • EBA-ITS FINREP individual and consolidated reports;
  • EBA – ITS COREP individual and consolidated reports;
  • EBA-ITS Resolution plans BRRD individual and consolidated reports;
  • EBA-ITS Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolio individual and consolidated reports;
  • ANACREDIT granular credit data report;
  • EBA – ITS SHSG report for relevant banking groups;
  • NPE stocktake exercise;
  • AQR and Loan Tape production;
  • Bank of Italy individual and consolidated statistical supervisory reports for banks and financial companies pursuant to art. 106;
  • Loan default (LD) previous losses reports;
  • Non-performing loans (NPL) report;
  • Ten-year sample statistical supervisory reports for banks;
  • Anti-usury supervisory reports for banks and financial companies pursuant to art. 106;
  • Central Credit Register communication and message management and reports for all supervised intermediaries;
  • CRIF and CERVED private Central Credit Register contribution;
  • Drafting of IAS - IFRS9 individual and consolidated financial statement for banks and financial companies pursuant to art. 106;
  • Individual and consolidated calculation of PAST DUE and doubtful positions;
  • Amortised cost calculation;
  • Fair value calculation;
  • Individual and collective value adjustment calculation;
  • Periodic and anytime reports to Interbank Deposit Protection Fund;
  • Supervisory reports of analytical and aggregate COVIP statistics of pension funds;
  • Natural and legal person identification (KYC) and FATCA - CRS report for revenue office (ADE).


Market coverage

  • Banks and Banking Groups (high and less significant)
  • Italian branches of foreign banks (European and non)
  • Financial intermediaries as per art. 106
  • Special purpose vehicle (SPV) company for securitisation of receivables
  • Credit consortia
  • Electronic money and payment institutions (IDP and IMEL)
  • Insurance companies