SNAP is Cedacri's new multichannel solution created with the aim of supporting banks to improve their effectiveness in commercial actions with single customers through digital channels. By integrating strategic CRM applications with logics of social networking, couponing and loyalty, this instrument enables first of all to meet the customer's needs by analysing the actions performed on direct channels (Home Banking or Mobile Banking), through bank products (payment cards, POS) or social network: based on this enriched profile, it will determine in real time which customized services or incentives should be offered to customers.
Multiple applications of SNAP are possible.
In the first application scenario, SNAP can be used to build the loyalty of private and business customers through couponing initiatives offered on mobile devices.
In the second scenario, SNAP helps the bank to retain customers with high switching probability through commercial campaigns on the Home Banking channel.
In the third scenario, SNAP supports the bank in the creation of proactive campaigns on customers showing high use of a given product/service, which is determined through their actions on social networks.


  • Building loyalty of current customers through closely targeted couponing initiatives that improve the relationship with the bank and optimize commercial effectiveness
  • Understanding the needs of current and potential customers in real time and proactively intervening with advantageous offers
  • Retaining customers with high switching probability through particularly interesting offers sent to them in real time
  • Constantly enriching customer profiles with data received from social network, CRMs and actions performed