Mobile Financial Advisory

The Cedacri Private Banking solution allows you to make the most of a single integrated platform that covers the entire advisory process. From the definition of the model portfolio to the generation of recommendations as well as signing and sending the order to market.

The banking system in recent years has experienced a significant trend towards the expansion of the services offered to private customers and towards a growing exclusivity of the services themselves, offered with high levels of quality and customisation.
With this solution, Cedacri provides banks with integrated support for the development of these new models of Private Banking, where the strength of the back-end software is combined with advanced tools for providing mobile advisor and sophisticated models of investment analysis and definition of commercial proposals.
The new platform provides banks with applications to handle a wide range of tradable instruments: securities, funds, SICAVs [open-ended collective investment schemes] and derivatives. The solution is adaptable to different models of advisory offered, highly customisable and designed for multi-channel systems.

The fundamental elements of the solution:

• the Cedacri Information System that, in addition to ensuring all tax and regulation obligations, provides functionality across the different applications
• the Back Office systems for Finance that constitute the necessary support of the front ends to ensure the provision of the advisor service
• the Objectway front-end systems for the consulting and management component
• the Deus Technology software designed for the Advisory Desks

Integration with the Cedacri Information System allows you to offer a multichannel and global advisor service:

• multi-channel platform allows the operator to provide the advidor service also on mobile via tablet
• a global view is ensured by an overall map of all the customer’s assets for the banker.

Integration with Full Finance, the Cedacri back office system, ensures the creation of a MiFID-compliant investment proposal (according to the ESMA guidelines) executable directly by the customer, using the enacting function, as an order on the market via the tablet of the banker.

The synergy between the Advisory Desk and the advisor platform ensures a customised service for the customer monitored and controlled directly by the central offices (Office of Wealth Management or Advisory Office).

Advisory models

This solution allows you to adopt four different advisory models depending on the level of advisor that the bank intends to achieve:

• Base advisor shows an overall view of customer portfolios and enables one-off portfolio analysis (in terms of risk and performance)

• Simplified advisor, in addition to the functions of Base Consultancy, offers a comparison between the current portfolio of the customer and the model portfolio used as a benchmark

• Advanced advisor allows you to create the MiFID-compliant investment proposal in the form of a recommendation and allows post-sales monitoring of the banker's portfolios

• Enacting advanced advisor makes the recommendation concrete through the enacting process that allows the acceptance of the recommendation and the execution of the order on the market.

A decision to upgrade the advisory model does not entail a platform change but only a functional upgrade to a more advanced version.


• Integrated and multi-channel platform for private banking which ensures operations consistently in line with the financial regulations

• A solution that covers the entire advisory process – from the definition of the model portfolio to the generation of recommendations and to the signing and execution of orders on the market

• Robust back-end software

• Advanced tools for providing mobile advisor

• Sophisticated models for investment analysis and definition of commercial proposals