Back Office Services


The Cedacri Group can provide high value-added services for the outsourcing of various administrative processes.

Sale and purchase cycle
Management of the administrative cycle for both purchase and sale invoicing and ancillary services for the various administrative services:

  • Management and maintenance of the suppliers/providers and customers database with recording and update of key data, such as: company name, VAT code, payment and collection methods
  • Purchase and sale invoicing managed electronically
  • Management of recording of accounting documents relating to purchase and sale processes, such as Purchase order (PO, Italian acronym: ODA), Sale Order, delivery of goods (or service provision), purchase and sale invoices, credit notes
  • Reconciliation of invoice payment and collection flows

Loan Management
Thanks to its several years' experience in the banking sector, the Cedacri Group can provide a series of integrated services that allow companies to be at the centre of the lending value chain.

Proper management of lending processes allows the expected cash flows to be ensured, minimizing the problems resulting from any overdue payments and/or insolvency.

This is a series of modular services designed in cooperation with the Customer, to achieve the following:

  • proactive measurement of the Customer's solvency (scoring)
  • Structuring an orderly management of commercial loans
  • Design and management of streamlined and effective administrative processes, in order to speed-up//monitor collections
  • Effective monitoring and management of any insolvency situations
  • Successfully performing out-of-court recovery of insolvency cases
  • Obtainment of evolved reporting tools for accurate measurement of debt positions


  • Reduction and variabilization of costs
  • Rationalization of own internal processes
  • Assignation of internal resources to more strategic tasks