Document Management

Document Management

Document Management, as a set of processes that regulate the management of documentation within organisations, has a significant impact on corporate performance.

The improvement of document processes and the introduction of paperless models allows organisations to benefit from an immediate return in terms of productivity and the quality of services provided to customers.

The Cedacri Group is an ideal partner able to ensure qualified consultancy services, allowing companies to identify critical document processes and implement targeted measures for optimisation.

The solutions proposed are characterised by modularity and scalability, thus allowing their gradual introduction into organisations and rapid adaptation to various market situations.

The technological and operating structures utilised by the Cedacri Group allow all types of requirements to be met, regardless of their complexity and volume, guaranteeing high standards in terms of quality and security.

Moreover, synergies between the different companies in the group allow the provision of services for the end-to-end management of business processes, integrating back office and technological components.

The main areas on which the service has been developed are:

  • Dematerialization
  • Digital storage
  • Physical storage
  • Transport
  • Legally compliant digital storage
  • Registered date
  • Printing and posting