Case Study Banca Etruria


Banca Etruria opted for Cedacri full outsourcing service and to use its multi-bank, multi-site, multi-channel, multi-language information system, which can easily adapt to the organizational and operating requirements of the Bank and of the Group. Nearly ten years of cooperation with Cedacri have allowed the Banking Group to use innovative solutions that are always compliant with the regulations and with market requirements, concomitantly reducing IT expenses by over 30%. The Bank has recently joined the CBILL Project of the CBI Consortium and, with Cedacri technological support, can provide its retail Customers with the opportunity to pay the Healthcare contributions for services provided by the NHS Local Unit 8 of Arezzo on the Web.


About ten years ago, within the implementation of its 2003-2004 Business Plan, Banca Etruria – a self-governing community Bank with 186 branches (including the Banks in the Group), approximately 1,900 employees and over 68,000 Shareholders – opted for outsourcing its information system in order to control the progressive increase in IT expenses, which significantly impacted the Bank's performance, and to ensure a sustainable development for the Group in terms of expenses and investments, as well as in terms of certain compliance with significant regulatory changes that were expected for the future: IASs, Basel 2, regulatory harmonization in the European Community.


After a selection that involved all the main players in the sector, Banca Etruria short-listed three Companies and chose Cedacri as its partner, for the higher quality and completeness of the services it provides.


The cooperation between Banca Etruria and Cedacri entailed a first phase of selective outsourcing with the acquisition of Cedacri information system based on a licence for use. In 2005, the Bank and its subsidiaries passed for good in full outsourcing mode onto Cedacri information system and, later, the Server farm was outsourced. Recently, in order to supplement its range with evolved e-billing services, Banca Etruria has joined the CBILL project that was launched by the CBI Consortium to develop new solutions supporting the sending and collection of expenses accounts issued by different private and public creditors. Cedacri had the role of technical enabler of the project and took care of all aspects for the technological integration of the Bank's systems with those of the CBI Consortium for CBILL services.


Service outsourcing to Cedacri has allowed Banca Etruria to support its business with a decrease in the ratio of IT expenses to assets under management by over 30%, to adequately respond to the increasing regulatory requirements and to use innovative solutions and constantly updated services. A significant example of this is the recent CBILL service, which was promoted by the CBI Consortium and allows Bank Retail Customers to pay their contributions for healthcare services directly online. “The project implemented with the NHS Local Agency 8 of Arezzo is the first experience in Italy of an e-billing service and a classic "win-win” initiative, said Giovanni Scoscini. “As always, Cedacri has deployed all necessary resources to make the project technologically feasible in a short time, proving itself as an indisputably skilful partner”.