Case Study Edison Energia


Since 2012, C-Global, a company in the Cedacri Group, has been providing qualified services to Edison Energia for the management of Customers belonging to the Public Administration sector. Between 2012 and 2013, C-Global activated over one thousand contracts, for a total of over 50,000 redelivery points. Also subsequent to the award of new substantial supply lots in the latest calls for tenders issued by Consip Energia Elettrica 11, Edison Energia decided to further enhance its partnership with C-Global. From 24 resources at the beginning, today 36 specialized staff members of C-Global contact center support Edison Energia in the management of its relations with public bodies.


In order to support its growth in the Public Administration market, Edison Energia, a company in the Edison Group operating in the provision of electric energy and natural gas to private consumers, companies and public bodies, decided to review the approaches it adopted to manage its relations with this type of Customers and to look for a partner with vertical specialization and efficiency in the management of these activities.


In order to ensure the highest efficiency and skills in the management of relations with Customers belonging to the Italian Public Administration, after a thorough selection, Edison Energia chose C-Global, a Company in which the utility provider saw the organizational ability and the skills that were required in order to respond to the increasing focus of the market on the quality of the services provided.


C-Global has been managing all back- and front-office activities relating to the acquisition of contracts with the single local public entities that have a provision agreement with Edison Energia. C-Global specialists have also had the responsibility to manage post-sale activities”. Following the contract award in Consip latest calls for tenders, Edison Energia has decided to further enhance its partnership with the outsourcer. Therefore, since December 2013, 12 new resources have been added to the 24 C-Global resources that were already operating at the specialized Contact Center, in order to manage the volume of additional activities using the same high-quality skills and efficiency that have always been provided to public Customers.


In the first 12 months of cooperation between Edison Energia and C-Global, the high variety of the managed provision accounts has allowed the outsourcer to accrued extensive and deep experience. “C-Global resources that interact with our Customers are highly specialized and this allows them to be an effective support for the entities' contact persons, also in case of more complex or difficult activations”, said Marcello Infante, the Head of Sales to Multi-site Customers and Public Administrations of Edison Energia “In the first year of cooperation, with the help of our partner, we have signed over one thousand contracts, for a total of over 50,000 redelivery points: a really significant work load”.