Printing and Posting

Thanks to the Docugest Company, the Cedacri Group can provide a full range of services able to meet any printing and posting requirements.

Our flexible and modular range includes the entire production process and allows the provision of operating modes that can be customized by type of customer and processing.

The services provided:

  • Massive communications with Inkjet and Laser colour print, and insert treatment
  • Laser-printed secret codes (debit and credit card pins, electronic service passwords) with special label with impact printing, colour prints with customized sheets
  • Bank cheques and bankers' drafts, postal money orders, invoices with anti-fraud laser boring, customization and cheque book preparation
  • Bank hard copies for internal use with preparation and sorting by Branch
  • Production of materials and communication to Customers
  • Communications advanced via e-mail or fax
  • Assistance with monitoring of communication production and delivery
  • Web display of progress reports for lots being processed
  • Automatic mailing solutions
  • Production of advertisement brochures and materials for marketing campaigns
  • Secure production by laser boring writing, also on materials other than paper

Annual operating volumes:

  • 380 million of printed pages
  • 140 million or posted envelopes
  • 5 million PINs and codes printed, put into envelopes and posted
  • 15 million postal money orders and cheques put into envelopes and posted


  • Reduction of expenses
  • End-to-end process
  • Several years' expertise