Workstation Virtualization

Workstation Virtualization

Over the years, Cedacri has developed specific skills in the implementation of virtualization technologies thanks to the experience accrued in both desktop virtualization and application virtualization projects.

Cedacri believes that the desktop virtualization solution has reached a good level in terms of reliability, performance, operation and costs, such as to allow its use in all environments:

  • Workstations for branches and central offices
  • Preparation of classrooms for courses
  • Preparation of Call Center workstations
  • DR solution for PDL (recovery in place)
  • Solution for financial planners and remote workstations

This solution is based on a new approach, which has already been widely established in the Virtualization of the server farm as a tool for resource optimization and expense reduction and exploits the typical advantages of centralization solutions maintaining full operation as traditional desktops.

The reference model is server-centric, the images of users' desktops are hosted and managed on virtual machines hosted in the centralized data-center.

Thanks to virtualization technologies, personal desktops can be accessed directly from the data center, in any place and from any workstation, notebook, desktop and thin client, thus reducing management expenses and security/safety risks.

Cedacri provides a Desktop and Application Virtualization service for customer workstations, which is mainly based on a Citrix infrastructure.

The Virtualization Service provided by Cedacri includes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions; the three possible configurations are HA, Active/stand-by or Active/Active between the two Cedacri data centers (Collecchio and Castellazzo).




  • Reduction of operating expenses vs. performance
  • Increase in PDL Reliability/Standardization
  • Increase in the Safety/Security level
  • Adjustment to new market requirements associated to mobility