Applications solutions

Applications solutions

The many applications that Cedacri provides can cover the Banks' requirements in their main business segments:

  • Channels and Core Banking - Platform equipped with applications that allow multichannel management of business with Customers
  • Finance - full platform for Front, Middle and Back Office, listed and OTC derivatives, integrated treasury.
  • Loans - Full and integrated platform for lending cycle management
  • Executive Systems - solutions that can cover all requirements of Banks referring to accounting, supervisory reporting, management control, remote controls, integrated risk management
  • E-money: Solutions that allow integrated governance of the aspects relating to the management of payment systems and e-money

This service can be provided in a very flexible way, from licence for use to selective outsourcing in ASP mode.
Thanks to availability of staff specializing in banking processes, technologies and project management, combined with the possibility to use near-shoring resources that can communicate with Customers in the Italian language, the services provided by the Cedacri Group are extremely innovative and competitive.

The Application Management service can be used also for systems that are different from the ones used by Cedacri to provide its services, such as:
   - Third parties' application solutions in case the software supplier has no skills available
   - Solutions that are tailored-made for the Customer in case the latter has no specific skills in-house o decides to assign the Bank's resources to other work areas


  • High service levels, which are ensured by the Cedacri Group high specialization in outsourcing banking information systems
  • System evolution that is ensured by the Company's soundness and by the investments that are continually made
  • Reduction of operating expenses by up to 30%
  • Availability of resources with high specific skills in the various application fields


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