System Integration

System Integration

The main expertise for system integration which the Group makes available is provided through various lines of services:

  • Migration of information systems or of single components in case of acquisitions, mergers, sales of business units, acquisition/sale of branches.
  • Integration of own or third parties' applications in the Customer's Information System
  • Optimization and integration of the Bank's information systems
  • Improvement of change management processes while migrating from one system to another or in creating testing and trial environments

Specific companies in the Cedacri Group are dedicated to system integration services, such as:

  • SiGrade, which has over 200 resources with high-range system integration skills, and is an acknowledged leader especially in the Finance, Securities and Derivatives Area
  • Cedacri International, which is the Group's near-shoring platform in Moldavia with over 150 resources that are dedicated to the manufacturing of software components in the Italian language and at very competitive prices...

Services are provided in close cooperation with the Architecture and Application Operation Department of the Parent Company, which ensures compliance with service levels and provision standards that are consistent with the best practices of the market and with the quality certifications requested by the Customers.


  • Mitigation of design risks thanks to the expertise made available by the Cedacri Group
  • Design standards in line with international best practices
  • Improvement of banking processes thanks to the optimization and integration of the systems