Data 31/12/2020
Oasi merger into Cedacri

From the beginning of 2021 OASI Diagram- Application Outsourcing and Innovative Services S.p.A. was incorporated into Cedacri Spa.
The new corporate configuration will allow Cedacri to further strengthen its leadership in the software and IT services market for financial institutions, through the consolidation of assets and strategic skills in the areas of regulatory reporting and anti-money laundering. In particular, Oasi, with over 100 employees and 800 clients, offers to the banking, insurance and financial market, IT solutions, application and administrative outsourcing services, projects, consultancy and training for regulatory reporting, anti-money laundering and internal controls areas.

Data 11/06/2019
Open Banking & PSD2: the new Cedacri API Gateway is available

We inform you that from June 1st 2019 the Cedacri API Gateway is available. Our Open Banking platform, created as part of the PSD2 initiative, allows Third Parties to access and exchange data with the information system of over 30 Credit Institutions direct participant.

Qualified Third Parties may connect their payment order provisioning (Payment Initiation Services) and/or access to payment accounts information (Account Information Services) by relying on a single platform, which leverages the best technologies available on the market and is developed following the market standard of the Berlin Group.

In order to access the features displayed by the platform, an eIDAS certificate complying with the PSD2 requirements is required. Please note that the test environment (SANDBOX) is available within the Open Banking API Portal, which allows to test the PSD2 functionalities even without a qualified certificate.

For further information please consult our technical specifications, published in the Open Banking API Portal (click here).