Remote Selling

The solution proposed by Cedacri in collaboration with InfoCert – a leading European Certification Authority for digital signatures – allows banks and insurance companies to offer customers and prospects, including the unbanked, the opportunity to buy on the web or via mobile devices banking, insurance and financial services products, through completely dematerialised processes.
With the new online sales solution offered by Cedacri, in a single web session and with a few clicks, the customer or the prospect of the bank can buy multiple services remotely – current account, loan, credit card and much more.
Anyone interested in purchasing a product, even if not already a customer of the bank, can carry out the recognition process – essential for the release of the signed certificate – simply by having a webcam and following the instructions that appear in the special dialogue window managed by the Certification Authority (InfoCert in this case). On request by the operator, the future customer must show his/her document of identity and enter his/her personal data which will be recorded and entered in the register. After the acquisition phase, the Certification Authority will issue the digital signature certificate to be used by the holder to sign the due diligence form, a necessary step to finalise the procedure in accordance with regulations. At this point the owner of the signature can buy the product requested from the bank, signing the contract remotely.
The full integration of the solution with the Information System of the bank means that, at the end of the process online and in completely paperless fashion, the prospect that had been hard to reach until a few minutes before has now become a customer in every respect.

Through the integration of digital signature processes with the information systems, the multi-channel system opens a unique opportunity for the bank to extend the network of customers and employ up-selling strategies on the customers acquired.


• Totally dematerialised process, a quick and easy way that reduces the time for purchase of products and services
• Support of specialist personnel who via web conferencing support the user in the purchase of products for which remote recognition is required
• Full compliance with regulations – procedural process and technological system have been certified by the Agency for Digital Italy
• Full integration with the Cedacri Information System
• Integration with other information systems