Business information

Business information

Cedacri Group, with Ribes and RE Valuta, provides to the business community a series of services aimed at facilitating access to credit, improving the success factor of achieving it and managing relations with credit suppliers, by means of commercial information and integrated evaluation tools which respect completeness, promptness and coherency quality parameters.

The Group’s solutions enable the user to manage ever commercial transaction to best effect along with its associated risks, and evaluate the possibility of legal and extra-legal recovery of entire portfolios, with specific services based on the know how of its specialists and a wide range of real estate, forensic and credit information.

Main services are:

  • Commercial information
  • Cameralistic information
  • Real Estate Information
  • Real Estate inspection and execution
  • Management of guarantees
  • Checking of negative events


  • Information and integrated evaluation tools which respect accuracy, completeness, promptness and coherency parameters
  • Management of every commercial transaction and its associated risks and creation of a systematic evaluation of criticalities, with the aim of promptly detecting non-payments, estimating their probability in advance of the event, and improving cash flow
  • Efficient costing thanks to a modular service and solutions designed to fit specific requirements