Card issuing

Through C-Card, the new benchmark in the payment card market, the Cedacri Group offers a complete service for card issuing and the outsourcing of processing activities and connected services. Specifically, C-Card proposes basic card production and management services, as well as account and card holder management services. It also offers dispute handling, fraud investigation and call centre management services.
C-Card aims to manage the entire value chain linked to payment cards, establishing itself in a market that, in Italy, is populated by a limited number of operators.
C-Card targets all banks that are committed to differentiating themselves and increasing the competitiveness of their credit card offering while at the same time achieving cost efficiencies, as well as non-banking companies that aim to use the opportunities afforded by the new regulations (PSD) to provide e-money services (for example retail chains and affinity groups), without investing heavily in internal structures.
The values that define the C-Card offering are complete transparency of profits and costs for the bank, an efficient business model, technical innovation and the time-to-market of the solutions.