Internet and Mobile Banking

Cedacri Internet and Mobile Banking applications allow coverage of all online banking and trading functions used by all types of Retail Customers, from less demanding ones to the most evolved ones.
The guidelines and the main drivers that steered the evolution of the new applications took account of indications both from the market and from sector studies in terms of marketing and application reliability.
The new innovative presentation includes:

  • an up-to-date Front End that keeps account of accessibility and usability by the target Retail Customers
  • Possibility for the Bank to customize the graphic layout according to the product, Customer segment or other commercial requirements
  • Customer – Bank and Bank – Customer communications (B2C communication management, Virtual Branch, Help on Line, Chat)
  • Use of a WCM allowing Marketing to arrive directly at the Customer based on navigation of product profile


  • Application that can be parameterized in accordance with the Banks' marketing and operating requirements
  • Page graphics and structure that can be modified, according to the commercial proposition decided by the Bank for product type, Customer cluster, commercial campaign
  • Integration with the Bank's CRM and Management Control tools in order to provide fully integrated multichannel use and user experience that is at the same level for all product types.