Applications solutions


Cedacri has proven experience in the finance field thanks to over 30 years of operations in evolutionary design and provision of services for the finance world. Over 70% of applications have been developed and continue being innovated with in-house skills.

Cedacri product and service range allows full functional coverage in all its aspects both for Banks and Securities Firms. It can be an effective provider for all types of market players, Retails banks, Private Banks, Specialized Banks, Online Banks, Correspondent Banks, Depositary Banks, global and local Custodian Banks, trading Securities Firms, placing Securities Firms, asset management Securities Firms.

Cedacri finance suite's modularity allows end-to-end management of all finance processes. The main tools provided are the following:

  • Third party securities
  • Proprietary securities
  • Master dataset
  • Bond issuer
  • Capital gain and taxation
  • MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive)
  • Advisory services and wealth management
  • Access to stock exchanges/brokers
  • Settlement & Clearing
  • Listed derivatives
  • Unlisted Derivatives
  • Asset management
  • Placement of funds and SICAVS
  • Insurance placement
  • Correspondent Bank
  • Depositary Bank
  • Finance integrated treasury
  • Cash management
  • Management of shareholders
  • Management of financial planners

IT services can be integrated with external BPO activities that are currently provided to over twenty banks.