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Integrated Treasury

The main reason a company deploys a treasury management service is to be able to manage its cash flow. This enables the company to deal with both potentially dangerous and particularly profitable situations, including: lack of liquidity and the need for credit, with its associated unfavourable interest rates, or investment of excess cash in the market to generate further profit.
Cedacri treasury management solutions allow the client to monitor his cash flow at all times, both incoming and outgoing, as well as to estimate future trends.
The flexibility of the system, furthermore, allows the client to expand the system’s scope with its custom reporting facilities and large database for qualitative and quantitative analyse

Cedacri’s solution has main features are:

  • Cash control
  • Control of the cash value of assets
  • Foreseeable liquidity and cash flow projections
  • Control of operating and trend-related limits – Liquidity policy
  • Real time portfolio management and review
  • Connection to the major negotiation markets
  • Legal and IAS accounting of stock operations

Service Bureau
Over 9,700 banks, insurance agencies and companies use Swift in 209 countries to exchange millions of standardised financial messages.
Cedacri provides its clients with a bureau service as the point of access to the Swift network, and guarantees forwarding and delivery of messages to destination. SCORE (Standardized Corporate Environment) gives the user access to the Swift circuit, thus enabling it to exploit the services of a vast number of financial operators worldwide, in a secure, standardised manner.
Our clients are able to connect their ERP to the Swift circuit in a multi-banking manner, thus decoupling themselves from the point to point connectivity of their reference banks and home banking services, and managing their financial value chain completely independently and end to end.