Back office solutions that allow significant reduction in expenses to be achieved, high service levels to be guaranteed and higher operating flexibility to be ensured.

Human Resources Area
Full management of all operating activities relating to staff attendance, payrolls and management of missions.
This service also includes mandatory statistic reporting and the management of relating tax items (CUD, 770, F24, DM10/2).
C-Global ensures update of the existing table system in the procedure with reference to legislation changes relevant for National Collective Bargaining Agreements and where allowed by the used procedure for aspects relating to Complementary Contracts.

Purchasing cycle
Management of the administrative cycle for purchase invoicing and ancillary services for the various administrative services:

  • Management and maintenance of the suppliers/providers database with recording and update of key data, such as: company name, VAT code, payment and collection methods
  • Management of recording of accounting documents relating to purchase processes, such as Purchase order (PO, Italian acronym: ODA), delivery of goods (or service provision), purchase invoices
  • Reconciliation of invoice payment flows

Accounting and Financial Reporting
High value-added services for the following activities:

  • Management of the chart of accounts and SAP reconciliation tables
  • Control of accounting automatic feeding
  • Cross-checking of managed accounts (suspended)
  • Controls of balance-managed accounts
  • Manual recognition, derecognition, write-offs
  • Processing as at the end of half-year/year
  • Balances of statements of financial positions and income statements with procedure inventory
  • Integration and adjustment as required for the preparation of the financial statements
  • Adjustment of financial position balances
  • Depreciation and amortization simulations
  • Creation of simulated financial statements on SAP application
  • Creation of databases on a libra-bilancio application
  • Extraction of the Income Statement from SAP
  • Preparation of Financial Statement layouts
  • Financial reporting inventory


  • Reduction and variabilization of costs
  • Rationalization of own internal processes
  • Assignation of internal resources to more strategic tasks