The Cedacri Group extends its offer to back office services in relation to all lending products, for both retail and corporate customers, including:

  • Mortgages
  • Personal loans
  • Credit lines
  • Unsecured loans

Processes of origination

The service, both modular and flexible, can be broken down into either an E2E management logic, or customised in individual processing steps.

We are able to manage the following processes, either independently or in support of the customer’s business:

Pre-inquiry and data entry

  • Analysis of document check-lists
  • Dematerialisation and indexing of documentation
  • Digital storage and physical archiving of correspondence
  • Data entry into registry and request for financing
  • Management of any requests for supplementary documentation or further information


  • Opening and processing of electronic credit application
  • Analysis of requirements and assessment of customer standing in compliance with banking institute’s credit policies
  • Verification of income and financial standing through an analysis of the database, transaction accounts and standard set of documents for mortgage, loan and credit line requests.
  • Analysis of scoring outcomes.
  • Analysis of real estate guarantees, surety bonds, etc...
  • Direct management of relationship with both Sales Network and customer
  • Presentation, through the preparation of an inquiry report, of the request to the decision-making body.


  • For activities concerning mortgages, we have a Technical Department able to carry out second-level checks on real estate guarantees in compliance with legal requirements
  • Preparation of documentation necessary for the deed
  • Organisation of stipulation through direct coordination of all parties involved: Customer, Sales Network and Notary
  • Management of distribution processes through bank transfer and/or bank draft issue provisions
  • Management of post-stipulation verification activities

Post-sales processes on performing customers

  • Accounting processes for earnings tied to mortgages and loans; bank transfers (for both extinguishment and instalments)
  • Customer care processes: management of correspondence with portfolio customers and associated activities (changes to bank account details, inheritances, renegotiations and suspensions)
  • E2E passive extinguishment and surrogate balance transfer processes

Post-sales processes on non-performing customers

Data remediation and data integration activities, on corporate and retail portfolios, necessary further to a structured due diligence and/or migration to other IT platforms in order to allow the correct recovery of credit exposure.


  • Reduction and variabilization of costs
  • Streamlined and more efficient back-office processes
  • End-to-end process