Institutional Reporting

C-Global is an effective main provider of all regulatory processes with Institutional Bodies:

  • Supervisory reporting
  • AUI (anti money-laundering and anti-terrorism)
  • Central Credit Register
  • Reporting to the Italian Internal Revenue Service
  • Financial investigations

The range of services also includes a specialist service component for administrative/functional tasks:

  • Acquisition and control of input data
  • Corrections
  • Accounting and non-accounting balances
  • Production of information bases
  • Output balances
  • Production of final control reports
  • Management of remarks made by the Supervisory Bodies: Analysis and remediation of troubles
  • Acquisition and control of financial movements to be recorded in a Single Database
  • Production of aggregated Anti-money-laundering reporting
  • Acquisition and production of reporting of suspect transactions
  • Production of flows for the account database intended for the Italian Inland Revenue Service


  • Guarantee of regulatory compliance
  • Reduction of expenses
  • No significant investments are required