Cedacri, who has long been a Delegated Technical Structure (Italian acronym: STD) and Access Point Manager (Italian acronym: GPA), created a platform with Front-End, which allows the management of Interbanking Corporate Banking products, as well as of the Bank's distinctive products and services and can improve integration and efficiency of the Banks' internal processes.
The solution functional architecture can support any type of operations: multibank, multi-company, multi-currency.
The solution ensures maximum possibility of use thanks to evolved interfaces, such as drag & drop, hypertextual combo, multi-window.
The choice of using state-of-the-art open source web technology (Java Enterprise, Ajax..) allows portability to various operating systems and provides the end customer with applications that are easy to start-up and use and do not require any installation on user stations.

Compared with classical corporate products that are usually designed for batch or offline operations, the Cedacri solution, in addition to functions that are specific for the Interbank Corporate Banking (Italian acronym CBI) circuit, has all online functions integrated, with direct access to the Bank's information system.

Through the Cedacri solution, the Banks' Customers can use functions such as: payment and collection orders (e.g. F24 to pay taxes and cash orders), information and value-added services (online consultation of bank-customer communications, online account balance). All the above perfectly in line with international standards and with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) developments.


  • Possibility to provide its services to different corporate customers, from less complex to highly structured ones
  • Optimization and standardization of post-acquisition processing of Customers' orders
  • Possibility to manage the customer Companies' specific business processes in a dynamic, flexible way and in integration with the Information System, concomitantly ensuring regulatory compliance.