Biometric Signature

Cedacri has created a solution for the collection, identification and management of Customers’ biometric signatures to be integrated with the branch application in order to be able to dematerialize both the branch paper documents (notes, slips, etc. …) and the management of the agreements for the acquisition and sale of new banking products (current accounts, loans, credit lines, etc. …), also through the financial planners network, home and corporate banking. The solution high scalability allows automatic generation and verification of millions of electronic signatures, also on signing processes that are different from one another and have in common only the same technological platform provided to steer biometric signature processes.

Features of the solution

  • The solution consists of biometric devices, a software architecture for the collection and verification of the signature, which operates both on client- and server-side, and can be completed with the integration of the Branch application
  • The signature is not recognized based on its graphics (which can be forged) but biometrically and, specifically, by concomitantly measuring biometric factors (rhythm, speed, pressure, acceleration, movement)
  • the handwritten signatures acquired with the signatures filed shall be verified to ascertain that they are true
  • The process ends by affixing a digital signature which ensures actual elimination of all paper documents in order to have a paperless management.


  • Paperless management of branch processes (e.g. dematerialization of branch paper documents, slips, etc.,…)
  • Reduction of paper management costs
  • Reduction in malversation of accounting operations at the branch
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