Front End Unico

Cedacri new branch platform features evolved integration between classical applications for branch operations and back office and CRM applications, in a perspective of interoperability and focus on Customers, so as to provide users with a CRM tool that can fully meet both commercial and operating requirements.

This solution consists of two main environments: control panel and Customer File.
Through the “Control Panel”, the operator's activities can be synthesized based on single portfolios, branch, area, bank, thanks to the addition of an organizer and of KPIs for the operators, which suggest actions on Customers showing problems or opportunities. The “Customer File” allows the operator to have full overview on the Customer's position in terms of profitability, volumes, products, maturities, risk, profiling and behavioural indicators, evidencing any warnings and opportunities.


  • Increase in operating efficiency: the system allows quick access to all the information required for a commercial analysis of individual positions and for the analysis of the performance of the Bank/Branch/Portfolio
  • Process streamlining and easy use for less expert people, with reduced learning times for branch staff
  • Increase in the cross selling index: the system allows full-scale analysis of the Customer within the relevant life cycle
  • Increase in profit margins: the manager can identify high-potential Customers on whom to invest in terms of business