Online Sales

The solution proposed by Cedacri in collaboration with Aliaslab allows banks to offer their customers and prospects, including non-bankers, the opportunity to purchase banking and financial products on the web or through their mobile devices, using completely dematerialised processes.

Thanks to the new online selling solution offered by Cedacri, in a single web session and with a few simple clicks, customers and prospects can purchase multiple services by remote: debit card, financing, transaction account and deposit account.

The complete integration of the solution with the bank’s Information System means that upon the conclusion of the online process, in a completely paperless manner, that which up until a few minutes ago was nothing but a cold prospect, has now become a full-fledged customer.

Therefore, through the integration of digital signature processes into multichannel information systems and new Analytics engines, an extraordinary opportunity arises for the bank to expand its customer network and implement upselling strategies on new customers.


  • Totally dematerialised process, a quick and easy way that reduces the time for purchase of products and services
  • Support of specialist personnel who via web conferencing support the user in the purchase of products for which remote recognition is required
  • Full compliance with regulations – procedural process and technological system have been certified by the Agency for Digital Italy
  • Full integration with the Cedacri Information Systemù
  • Integration with other information systems