Web Collaboration

Cedacri provides its banking customers with the Web Collaboration solution that allows you to establish a dialogue between the bank and its customers using videoconferencing. To do so, the system integrates the functionality of the Front End Unico (FEU), the Cedacri branch platform and the Cisco WebEx tool, so allowing the bank to offer its customers consulting services remotely via Home and Mobile Banking.
Through the online banking pages and the mobile apps (for iPad, iPhone and Android), the customer has the ability to check the availability of their manager, select the channel to use for consultancy (for example, visit branch, home visit or WebEx meeting) and then book the appointment. Immediately upon booking, the notification of the appointment is sent to the FEU which informs the manager of the request and automatically updates the calendar. By opening the contact, the manager can view the details and notes entered by the customer, such as, for example, the phone number and the subject to be dealt with.
If the customer chooses the WebEx meeting, the Cedacri Web Collaboration solution then allows you to begin audio-visual streaming as well as chat. In addition, the manager with his/her desktop and the customer via the app can choose to interact with video and audio (VOIP) and view any documents. After the meeting, the manager can add his/her notes on the FEU, so as not to lose any important pointers about the remote interaction with the customer.


  • Retaining present Customers and attract new ones, especially young people, who have a strong “digital aptitude” but seldom go to a Branch
  • Increasing productivity and effectively exploit the Bank staff's skills, which should become increasingly focused on advisory services
  • Taking the Branch closer to Customers favouring direct contact and, therefore, the possibility to increase business volumes through up- and cross-selling actions
  • Selling products by using new technologies: videocalls, digital signature