Bank Insurance

BankInsurance is the only complete solution for all Banks that need to sell financial and insurance products at branch level. It allows the definition and control of distribution processes across different channels, the management of corporate insurance portfolios and the configuration/pricing of individual and collective products.

BankInsurance is structured into three levels: Front-end, back-end and database. It is compatible as a web component with multi-browser policies and is free of technological constraints such as Flash and Applet Java and Activex.

The application is characterised by its functional completeness on LIFE products (Traditional, Unit and Index Linked, Open Pension Funds, Integrated Pension Plans and Long Term Care), DAMAGES products, (Accidents, Illness, Civil Liability, Fire, Theft, Legal Protection, Assistance, etc...), MOTOR, COMPOSITE, MULTIRISK, POLICIES linked to banking products such as financing, loans, transaction accounts, etc..., third-party asset management.

It is able to interact, both online and in batch with all the necessary bank applications, whether managed by Cedacri platforms or third-party IT systems.
The main functions of the application are:

  • Product showcase and dashboard management
  • Management of customer standing
  • Product sales and quote management
  • Post-sales management: variations, portfolio instructions (switching, redirection, supplementary contributions, etc...), claims and requests for liquidation (partial or total withdrawals, collection upon maturity, etc...), replacements, transformations and re-use upon maturity, renewals, portfolio transfers, management of payment receipts and scheduled payment plans


  • Possibility to sell any insurance product, life, non-life and pension; used also to sell third-party products, such as investment management products for securities and funds
  • Single front-end for its multi-product and multi-company sale network
  • Web-based solution that can easily be integrated in the Bank's Intranet and be used as external client on the Internet
  • Independent of the hosting information system