ATM and POS management

The services for ATM and POS management provided by the Cedacri Group include all activities for the installation, management, maintenance and servicing of all hardware and software equipment for accepting payment cards.

In addition to ATM and POS typical functions (withdrawals and payments), other types of payment are available, such as phone recharges, prepaid cards, payment slips, other fees and the new advanced services to deposit cash and cheques. Moreover, the Cedacri Group can manage a state-of-the-art and efficient service platform for full management of POS (Point of Sale) transactions, both physical and virtual, for the points of sale that have an agreement with the customer Banks.


  • Synergies and efficiencies in process management, by centralizing all E-money segment services (ATM and POS Terminal Manager, issue of payment cards, monitoring of payment card frauds) onto a single provider
  • Decreased time for servicing and machine downtime thanks to automated detection and reporting systems for installation requests, failures and malfunctioning
  • Full support to the Banks/Points of sale for the management of the entire life cycle of POS and ATMs (from installation/replacement to the arrangement with the Bank and operation)